Global Business Center want give to his partners all they needed for the courses of their business.
Joining with Global Business Center, you will have the availability to many services, divided in standard services, after sales services and services on demand.





   a)     Office with one workstation: 

•  N° 1 desk;

• Office furniture;

• Personal Computer with software and hardware (printer, fax, etc.);

• Broadband connection;

• More (power, telephone, heating and air-conditioning, etc.);

   b)     Meeting room a) Office with one workstation;

   c)     Reception and general services (mail, switchboard, etc.);





stretta mano 

 a)     Commercial support:

•  Sales services and customer care;

• We have a commercial net with almost 400 coffee roasting companies and we will provide a global network for all the participants in order to reduce costs.

• Marketing (web, researches and strategies, advertising support, etc.);

• Technical and commercial consulting on any aspect of the process, from import to sale;

• Different selling strategies: Direct, annual/monthly selling contracts, while goods are on the ship

   b)     Operational assistance:

• Assistance in logistics management (taking on responsibility of the containers at the port and transporting, eventual initial processing of the product, packaging and storage);

• Personnel, tools and equipment for each stage of the process, from importing to sale;

• Coffee laboratory for tests and technical data sheet editing;

c)     Administrative and bureaucratic assistance.




a)     Administrative office:

b)     Personnel support:

• Accommodation search

• Means of transport;

• etc.



 About coffee, we can provide facilities for the industrialization and transformation of the raw material. Like:

 a)     Technical controls: drafting of technical specifications and product;

 b)     Sorting: complete mechanical selection plant; In the context of green coffee, we can provide an innovative service, based on a process patented by our company, called DWC (Dry Washed Coffee), which allows to obtain a finished product of superior quality

 c)     Packaging: packaging line system with a semi-automatic bagger for bags of 30 – 60 – 70 kg and 1 ton big bags and bulk, palletizing, heat shrink film wrapping and labelling;

 d)     Storages in an ideal temperature warehouse for coffee for thousands of bags.



Global Business Center doesn’t need investments, since the prices are based on a percentage on the sales volume. The fees depend on the service required, for example for the number of workstations, for the operations on the raw material or for the packaging.
Contact us for have more informations about tariffs and services! We will be glad to help you!


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