We could provide a series of services linked to coffee, thanks to our facilities and our experience:


- Technical controls: drafting of technical specifications and product testing (visual, olfactory and gustatory tests and roasting and cup trials);


- Sorting: complete mechanical selection plant line that integrates the optical bichromatic with digital cameras Sortex Z1 plus that makes products completely free of impurities and dirtiness.
In the context of green coffee, we can provide an innovative service, based on a process patented by our company, called DWC (Dry Washed Coffee), which allows to obtain a finished product of superior quality: just consider that through our process you can get a washed robusta coffee quality similar or even better than arabica washed with water.

- Packaging: packaging line system with a semi-automatic bagger for bags of 30 – 60 – 70 kg and 1 ton big bags and bulk, palletizing, heat shrink film wrapping and labelling;


- Storages in an ideal temperature warehouse for coffee for thousands of bags



In addition to these services. specific for coffee, there are some other advantages, some of them also due to the society directly linked to Italcoffee – Global Business Center, like Tercom and Agriselect:


•  outdoor area of approximately 40,000 sqm for container handling and logistics; indoor area of approximately 11,000 sqm and 400 sqm for offices;

•  forklifts with payload from 1.5 to 7 tons and reach stacker with payload of 40 tons for 20 ft and 40 ft containers;

•  handling services in loading and unloading containers and boxes up to a gross weight of 40 tons;

•  46 container trailers (extensible, fixed and tilting flatbed);

•  30 vehicles and fenced area with video surveillance system;

•  mechanic’s workshop;

•  washing plant for all types of containers, including those for food use;

•  5 columns equipped for reefer containers;

•  customized areas of the terminal available for rent for full and empty containers storage;

•  terminal area reserved for the container’s customs clearance;

•  customized areas of the terminal available for free for Maritime Companies to storage full and empty containers;

•  staff for loading and unloading;

•  ground scale for weighing up to 60 ton;

•  wide client portfolio.


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