About green coffee, Italcoffe invented and patented a method for a dry washing of coffee, called D.W.C. (Dry Washed Coffee), that permits to have a finished product of superior quality.
Our research grew from the consideration that common washing methods often don’t assure desired results in term both in cleanliness of grains and  in the complete removal of the film that surrounds  the raw material.

The D.W.C. machine is a dry process of washing thought to eliminate the silver film of natural coffee: this system could be also applicated in those countries where, due to climatic reasons that made impossible the use of the natural method, are now used processes like warm washing or semi-washing, allowing substantial advantages.


D.W.C. process can be used for all dry-grain coffee and semi-washed raw material.

In the first phase, the product go through a saturated steam cylinder, with a temperature near 150-160 °C, that permits the dilatation of the film for facilitate the subsequent removal of the film.

After this treatment, the raw material enter into another cylinder equipped with brushes, that cleans grains also thanks to the splits in the surfaces of the cylinder, without damaging the product. The cleaning-action of the cylinder could be adjusted depending of the typology of the coffee.

In the third phase, the grains pass through a roller, that polishes the coffee and removes any impurities left, letting bright grains.

After all these treatments, coffee grains appear clean and with a uniform color; they results sanitized thanks to the heat treatment, that eliminate eventual contamination by external elements, like pesticides, molds, toxins.

D.W.C. washing also permits to help the environment, saving tons of  water normally used with the traditional methods.

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