Global Business Center is an idea born thanks to Italcoffee s.r.l.

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In 2004 Italcoffee was a brand used to buy and sell green coffee and cocoa. Three years ago the company was acquired by Giraudo family who transformed the brand into a trading company Italcoffee, adding it to Agriselect group, inheriting its know-how, the employees, the customers and moved the company to a new and wider structure.

plays an important role in the international coffee trade, specialized in import and selection of green coffee from the most important producers in the world. Italcoffee, since being a trader entails an important financial investment,  has gradually matured the idea of transforming itself from a traditional trader into a broker specialized in coffee related services: The Global Business Center


Italcoffee is part of an industrial society, together with:

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Tercom is the best partner for conventional transport and maritime container import logistics. Bonded warehouse for storage of Duty Free Goods and customs clearance is available


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Agriselect, whose core business is specialized in logistic, selection and initial processing of dry grain agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, pulses, fruit, spices, etc.) on behalf of third parties. Our branch offers also loading and unloading services, delivery and storage, clearing and re-packaging.



Our factory





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